Sunday, July 8, 2007

Welcome to The Cape Cod's lighthouse blog. We have received countless inquiries about information on lighthouses from our website customers and visitors, asking about lighthouse info and the availability of lighthouse collectibles. We have tried to provide answers to your lighthouse info questions by creating our Lighthouse Encyclopedia, and according to your feedback and the amount of hits each page is getting, we think we've been able to produce a quality reference site for both collectors and lighthouse visitors. Many of you have commented on the ease of which you've been able to find information on particular lighthouses, a task which in the past took sometimes hours of searching through website after website, many of which contained absolutely no pertinent information whatsoever, before you either finally found the info you were seeking or just gave up from sheer exhaustion! (We know, we've done that countless times in order to weed through the fluff and get to the "brass tacks", if you will, in the process of creating each Encyclopedia page). It's still a work in progress, as each page takes awhile to create, but we're proud of our work and also proud to say that as of this posting, we now have 318 U. S. lighthouses within our data base, with LOTS more to go!

Please feel free to post your comments to this blog. Use it as a forum for your questions and comments, but please keep it clean and polite.

I will be posting updates on latest lighthouse news, SCAASIS collectible news, giving you insights and stories on various lighthouses, providing updates on the website, answering your questions, plus lots more within this blog. I hope you find it helpful, fun, and educational!

Please save this page into your favorites and come back to visit often.

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