Friday, May 22, 2009

Collector Forums Opportunity Drawing

I have recently been working with Harbour Lights collectors and another retailer, Bronze Lady of Orlando, in putting together what I think is a fantastic fundraiser to help a number of non-profit lighthouse preservation groups. The Collector Forums Opportunity Drawing is not only an "opportunity" for these lighthouse groups to get some much needed extra cash, it's also an "opportunity" for those who participate and donate at least $5.00 to this cause to win some very rare Harbour Lights lighthouses and Anchor Bay model ships. There will also be prizes of what is of this writing yet to be released Harbour Lights 2009 summer releases!

Prizes values for each individual piece are at least $75. The 1997 Anchor Bay Motor Yacht Kim, pictured above, is one of only 13 known to exist and is estimated to be worth $600.!

Among the many other prizes available is a 1995 Harbour Lights replica Big Bay Point, Michigan, the first in what has become an annual special Christmas decorated piece. Another of the rare pieces is an artist proof, (a quality control piece used by Harbour Lights when manufacturing its replicas), of the very popular Cedar Point, Ohio Lighthouse, complete with roller coaster!
Yet another of the very rare prizes is a trio of "whiteware", or unpainted Harbour Lights replicas which were given as gifts to participants at various Harbour Lights events.
Also pictured here is one of the 2009 summer releases, Sabine Point, Louisiana. There is another yet to be announced summer release in the prize mix as well as a host of other "gotta have it" retired and rare collector's favorites!
All of these prizes have been donated by us at The Cape Cod, Bronze Lady of Orlando, and Harbour Lights collectors from their own personal collections. All are members of Collector Forums, a meeting place for Harbour Lights collectors and retailers, as well as lighthouse enthusiasts.
The lighthouse groups which are in line to be aided by this fundraiser include Jones Point Lighthouse in Virginia, New Canal Lighthouse in New Orleans, LA, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in Michigan, Historically Significant Structures, Inc., caretakers of Execution Rocks, NY, Toledo Harbor, Ohio, and Ashtabula, Ohio. All of these groups are in real need of financial funds to help restore each of their lighthouses, and I, for one, am very proud to be able to help them out!
Please visit the Opportunity Drawing website, read about each individual lighthouse through the link provided, and, if you can, please help with a donation, no matter how small. Each of these lighthouse groups will be very appreciative of any money they receive, as it is much needed, and who knows, you may walk away with a great Harbour Lights or Anchor Bay collectible prize to show off to family and friens, or to give to another collector on your gift list! The Opportunity Drawing ends on August 15, 2009, so please hurry, it's closer than you think!
Thank you for your help!!!!

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